Caribbean Regional Dialogue: Call for Submissions

We are interested in your contributions!

In preparation for the RVK Dialogue in August, The Caribbean Regional Dialogue is seeking to connect with activists, survivors, and organisers from the Caribbean.

The Regional Dialogue will involve organisations working from an intersectional feminist perspective across the many forms of violence against women and girls that prioritise and amplify voices of survivors. We seek to move from a focus on risk or vulnerability to focus on resistance, coping and what we know makes a difference for survivors.

To this end, we invite you to contribute to the discussion by responding to these 4 questions below:

These questions are to ensure that the voices of Caribbean women activists, practitioners and survivors are included in this cross regional dialogue and ultimately, the RVK dialogue.

We seek to gather as many country specific perspectives as widely as possible and across many languages on ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) in the Caribbean.

To contribute, simply respond to the question in the comment section below (and remember to include your country/nationality in your response). It is that simple!

If you prefer to share your response anonymously, click here to utilize our form.

We look forward to hearing your stories, wisdom, challenges encountered and expectations for the future.

Finally, we encourage you to submit photos and videos of activists and advocates who have done and are doing work to end Gender-based Violence to our ‘Honouring Activism’ web page. Submit here.

We will keep adding to this collection until the meeting takes place in August 2021.

Published by officiallifeinleggings

Organisation based in Barbados which seeks to end gender-based violence in the Caribbean region.

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