As a non-profit, Life In Leggings, is specifically designed to promote advocacy and create awareness of gender-based violence towards women and girls in the Caribbean region. It does this by offering a multitude of diverse projects, such as:

Completed Project

Reclaim Our Streets: Women’s Solidarity March

“As we marched, step by step, chant by chant and peeled our layers back, I got a glimpse of a future where being who we are is not see an injustice to ourselves. The power that’s now vested in me exists because of the power that’s vested in this revolutionary movement.”

– Charise, Barbados

Completed Project

Insurgents: Redefining Rebellion In Barbados

“Our intention is to debunk the myth that Bajans have been and are passive people by showing our timeline of resistance. In doing so, we hope to show the wider Barbadian citizenry how important activism is and challenge young minds in understanding how they too can become insurgents for a better Barbados.”

Ronelle King, Director & Co-curator

Ongoing Project

Pink Parliament

“My intentions of joining Pink Parliament were to gain insight on the challenges female parliamentarians face and also to strengthen my confidence and debating skills. However, this programme exceeded my expectations as we got to experience a sitting for the upper and lower house assembly, discussions with senators and lastly, gained friendships with some of the future female leaders of our nation.”

Aaliyah, Pink Parliamentarian (Cohort 1)

Incoming Project

Redefining Masculinities

” This training achieved everything it set out to and so much more. It prompted me to evaluate my own positioning as an Afro-Caribbean heterosexual man. It helped me to understand the privileges that come with certain identifications. It also helped me to be more open-minded with respect to issues surrounding sexuality, gender identity, masculinity and overall gender relations. I learned that it’s not men vs. women, we are all battling against patriarchy at the end of the day. If I could sign up every man in the Caribbean for this training I would. The content is so necessary.”

trey cumberbatch, participant (train-the-trainers workshop)

Incoming Project

Pink Academy

Our projects are designed with the intention to be implemented in other Caribbean countries. If you would like to see one of our projects implemented in your country, contact our Executive Team.

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