Letter Writing Campaign (#ProtectOurGirls)

In the last 72 hrs, there has been a collective outrage all across Barbados about the alleged mistreatment and abuse of minors at the Government Industrial School.

A campaign began on Twitter under the hashtag #ProtectOurGirls to bring awareness to the situation and demand immediate intervention from the Minister of Home Affair, Information & Public Affairs.

Under the hashtag, there have been calls for justice and protection of the girls at the facility citing an article detailing the abuse of a 14-year-old girl at the facility.

Reform of the Government Industrial School has been long overdue, join us in demanding that this never happens to another child ever again.

Click here to use our Letter Template in order to participate in our Letter Writing Campaign.

See the instructions below:

#JusticeForOurGirls #LifeInLeggings #ProtectOurYouth

Published by officiallifeinleggings

Organisation based in Barbados which seeks to end gender-based violence in the Caribbean region.

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