Pink Parliament

Launched October 11th, 2019.

Pink Parliament is an initiative by Life in Leggings: Caribbean Alliance Against Gender-based Violence (Registered Charity #1602).

This initiative aims to inspire and encourage young women to pursue careers in politics and to lead unapologetically. Pink Parliament equips participants ages 14-20 with the tools to be bold and effective advocates through professional training, mentorship, and networking sessions with political leaders.

Our vision is to increase the participation of women in politics by providing participants with access to a network of dynamic women.

The objectives of the initiative are:
  • To educate young girls about the history of women’s involvement in leadership.
  • To foster mentorship between women in key positions and young Barbadian girls.
  • To sensitize young girls and the Barbadian people about the benefits of women’s increased participation in leadership.
  • To provide a platform for young girls to be able to learn firsthand about how they can become more involved in civic and political leadership.
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